Me Time Yoga is happy to offer you yoga, wellness, mindful movement, and meditation services in many formats to fit your busy lifestyle.

Me Time 1-on-1™

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Rates start at $100/hr for private sessions for our existing face to face local private/semi private and small group service offering that transports the physical wellness studio to your location. We are thrilled with the continued success of this offering, as it seems to be serving our local clients and allowing more people to practice, when they may otherwise have not had the chance to visit a traditional gym, fitness or yoga studio. See prices for all of our face to face services, including private and semi-private instruction, nutritional consulting, reiki healing, corporate wellness, restorative yoga parties, and birthday parties! FULL PRICE LIST.

Me Time on Your Time™

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Gives existing practitioners 2 options to develop a home practice or refine an existing practice.

  • Customize your wellness practice by telling us your unique needs, and we will develop a home practice plan that will help you achieve your goals to increase range of motion in specific areas, improve flexibility and enhance strength. Contact us for pricing
  • Foundational Practice plans: Any practitioner wishing to increase range of motion in a specific area of the body (e.g. hip and hamstring openness for runners) may select one of 5 foundation practices to download for use in their home or existing practice. Hip/hamstring, heat builder, back bends and front body opening, core and twists, restorative. Contact us for more information.

Me Time AnyPLACE™

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Not in the North Shore of MA? Not even in New England or the US? No problem! Using technologies such as Skype and FaceTime, Me Time Yoga will work with you to schedule a single evaluation, or a short series of evaluations, to guide you through a practice that will allow us to observe your range of motion, strengths and potential areas for improvement. Based on our observations, we will develop a recommended practice plan, including modifications and propping. We will also suggest styles of classes for you to attend, in your area, to continue to develop and deepen your balanced wellness practice. After your remote evaluation, you can confidently take your practice to a large studio or gym setting, or after practicing on your own, we will check in after 1-3 months and re-evaluate your progress. Contact us for pricing and to schedule your session today.

Me Time for the MIND™

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Face to face or prerecorded meditation services to bring you peace of mind. We will work with you to develop a unique, guided relaxation to relieve your daily stress. Following your face to face session, Me Time Yoga will provide you with a recording of your unique meditation or guided relaxation clip, so that you can practice anywhere to quickly lower baseline levels of stress and anxiety. Contact us to schedule a session via phone, Skype or FaceTime, or simply request a pre-recorded meditation for Adults or Children, today!

Me Time Wellness™


We are happy to provide private reiki healing and nutritional consulting services to create a more balanced lifestyle for you and your family, as well as in-home massage therapy with our talented partners. Learn more about our wellness offerings and massage partners.