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Reviews and testimonials

Private sessions

After five years of working at the gym with a personal trainer, it was time to add some variety to my workouts. Not knowing anything about yoga, let alone having tried it, made selecting Me Time Yoga easy. Once a week I enjoy a private session from the comfort of my own home, where I can learn at my own pace, ask questions and get the one-on-one attention that I would never get in a classroom setting. While I was initially looking to just mix things up, I quickly found that yoga pushed me in new and different ways, almost as if I had never worked out before. It was and remains to be, amazing. If not for Kendra and her personalized (and very patient) approach, I would be missing out on something I wish I had started years ago.

John B. - Charlestown, MA

After running the 2010 Boston Marathon, I schedule a private session with Me Time Yoga to help repair my body. The 60 minutes of restorative hip and overall leg work was just what I needed! I slept like a baby that night and felt so much better in the morning. My body felt back to normal and rejuvenated. Kendra is a fantastic instructor, and very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her again soon.

C.C. - Marathon Runner

Semi Private Sessions

Me Time Yoga is a fantastic concept! Between drop-offs, pickups, play dates, athletics/activities for the kids and general life responsibilities it is so hard to find time to get to the gym or to otherwise get a workout in but Me Time Yoga is the perfect solution. Kendra is a first rate yoga instructor AND she will come to you! I am someone who exercises regularly and I have tried various different yoga classes but never found one that I loved until working with Kendra. She really made all the difference and I finally felt like I was getting something out of the class. I now know why everyone raves about Yoga because I am finally doing the poses correctly! It was also great for my mother who had never done yoga before and was intimidated by a class setting and lack of knowledge about yoga. Kendra's ability to come to your home coupled with her amazingly detailed explanation of the poses made all the difference. It has transformed the way I feel about yoga and has given my mother the confidence and basic knowledge she needs in order to be successful at yoga. Kendra is by far the best Yoga instructor I have ever worked with and I would recommend Me Time Yoga to anyone.

Jennifer L. Beverly, MA

Restorative Yoga Workshops

As a person who has never practiced yoga, I was a bit apprehensive at first to attend even a restorative session. Would I be flexible enough? Would a woman of my size be able to benefit fully from the poses, let alone do them?! I was quickly put at ease by Kendra’s confidence and approach. With every movement there was a way to modify or simplify if I were to feel uncomfortable, props to help me get the most from my body and reassuring hands to correct my alignment should I be off. What a truly wonderful experience. The space was simple and elegant with soothing colors, music, and lighting, finished off with a touch of relaxing fragrance. The poses, while slightly challenging because they were foreign to me, were amazing in their ability to open up the various parts of my body, allowing for increased, healing circulation, the benefits of which I felt for days to come. I had no idea what kind of treat I was in store for when I signed up for a Restorative Yoga Workshop with Me Time Yoga, but am incredibly glad I did! It certainly won’t be my last.

Susan O. Middleton, MA

Yoga Birthday Parties

When my daughter turned 5, we decided to try a yoga party because it was something different and it was fitness-oriented. We had 12 little girls and all were very engaged and interested in learning the different positions, and it was really fun to watch them. The pacing was the right mix of yoga, yoga games, lunch/cake time and story reading and everyone left very happy. It was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever had to arrange because all the equipment was there; I only had to bring whatever food I wanted and gift bags, to which I added adorable yoga pose shaped cookies that were individually wrapped and ribboned! I don’t think you can beat it for value either. Most people don’t realize that kids really like yoga and how important it can be to the physical and emotional balance – this is a great option for a girl’s birthday party at a variety of ages

Jodi D. North Andover, MA

Studio Classes

I am a studio client of Kendra's and have been taught by her for over 2 years. My goals when I started doing yoga were to improve my strength, tone my arms and legs and help relieve stress. Kendra has helped me achieve all of these goals. Even in a group setting, she works with students individually and takes the time to get to know everyone. She has encouraged me to further my practice and helped me to improve my yoga overall. I would recommend Kendra to others. She is an excellent instructor.

Lynne P. - Peabody, MA

Children's Yoga and wellness workshops

Great Beginnings Preschool contacted Kendra to teach Yoga twice a month for our students to help them learn calming strategies. As early educators, we see so many families struggling with stress and this affects young children too. Through the yoga sessions, Kendra helps students learn to breathe, stretch and calm their minds. She always ends with a wonderful story that reinforces a theme of respecting yourself, others and the environment. The children love it and the parents have mentioned that they come home sharing what they've learned.

Judy Gasinowski, Director - Great Beginnings Preschool, Danvers, MA

Step Into Learning Preschool has contracted Me Time Yoga for the past two years for monthly yoga at the PreK level. Kendra is amazing with our preschoolers. She has a calming, patient way about her that the children respond to so well. The children absolutely love yoga time. We have seen them benefit in many ways since introducing regular yoga classes. These benefits include improved focus, an increase in self confidence, respect for themselves and others, more body awareness and flexibility, to name a few. Kendra leads the children through a warm-up, a series of poses and then final relaxation all related to a monthly theme. We have recommended Me Time Yoga to other area preschools and we feel that yoga with Kendra is a great addition to any preschool curriculum.

Julie Chase, Director - Step into Learning Preschool, Danvers, MA