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Reviews and testimonials

Private sessions

Kendra has been a LIFESAVER! Honestly, one of my saving graces in the last few years. We began working out together in October 2015, a mere 6-weeks after giving birth to my son. She is intuitive, a reiki healer, AND will kinda kick your ass when you ask for it (or when she reminds you of how strong you are). I love that each session is structured for ME and my needs. Going through a divorce with an infant wasn't easy, but having her once a week was a God send. She would alternate reik/restorative yoga healing one week and a killer workout the next. She's your girl for anything you may need. Be it rest and rejuvenation on a bolster, or a tabata workout on your front lawn, Kendra is the ONLY wellness coach and personal trainer you need.

Jenny R. - North Reading, MA

Working with Kendra has saved my life and my back! Prior to my weekly yoga sessions with her, I threw my back out four times per year. During Kendra's session, personal attention is given to stretching, core, and breathing. Every movement is adjusted for maximum protection of my body. When she leaves I always know I have had the best care, and she always follows up. No one cares more than she does about her clients' well being, and no one is more knowledgeable. The Reiki [at the end of each session] is incredible as well.

Lindsay W. - Lynnfield, MA

After five years of working at the gym with a personal trainer, it was time to add some variety to my workouts. Not knowing anything about yoga, let alone having tried it, made selecting Me Time Yoga easy. Once a week I enjoy a private session from the comfort of my own home, where I can learn at my own pace, ask questions and get the one-on-one attention that I would never get in a classroom setting. While I was initially looking to just mix things up, I quickly found that yoga pushed me in new and different ways, almost as if I had never worked out before. It was and remains to be, amazing. If not for Kendra and her personalized (and very patient) approach, I would be missing out on something I wish I had started years ago.

John B. - Charlestown, MA

After running the Boston Marathon, I schedule a private session with Me Time Yoga to help repair my body. The 60 minutes of restorative hip and overall leg work was just what I needed! I slept like a baby that night and felt so much better in the morning. My body felt back to normal and rejuvenated. Kendra is a fantastic instructor, and very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her again soon.

C.C. - Marathon Runner, Boston, MA

Semi Private Sessions

Me Time Yoga is a fantastic concept! Between drop-offs, pickups, play dates, athletics/activities for the kids and general life responsibilities it is so hard to find time to get to the gym or to otherwise get a workout in but Me Time Yoga is the perfect solution. Kendra is a first rate yoga instructor AND she will come to you! I am someone who exercises regularly and I have tried various different yoga classes but never found one that I loved until working with Kendra. She really made all the difference and I finally felt like I was getting something out of the class. I now know why everyone raves about Yoga because I am finally doing the poses correctly! It was also great for my mother who had never done yoga before and was intimidated by a class setting and lack of knowledge about yoga. Kendra's ability to come to your home coupled with her amazingly detailed explanation of the poses made all the difference. It has transformed the way I feel about yoga and has given my mother the confidence and basic knowledge she needs in order to be successful at yoga. Kendra is by far the best Yoga instructor I have ever worked with and I would recommend Me Time Yoga to anyone.

Jennifer L. - Beverly, MA

Studio Classes

Kendra is wonderful! Her classes (large or small) are a pleasure - her attentiveness to each student is amazing - giving each student personal attention. She offers excellent cues for poses, explains the muscles and joint actions, helping each student learn about their own body. Each class is better than the previous - a new challenge, a deeper pose, or a kind word or story makes "coming to your mat" a joy.

Beth S. - Danvers, MA

Do yourself and your body a favor and go ahead and take a class with Kendra! Kendra is a fantastic teacher and terrific coach! Kendra is incredibly supportive as she demonstrates and clearly explain the benefits of every pose. She offers alternative movements and props as needed and always delivers a challenging and invigorating workout. I have been practicing yoga with Kendra for over two years and her class is always one of the highlights of my week! I really cannot say enough to explain how terrific it is to work with Kendra! I highly recommend taking yoga class when you have the opportunity to catch her, in the studio, on the beach, on on the Green in Lynnfield. Do it for yourself, I promise the you will be amazed.

Kathy W. - Topsfield, MA

Two years ago, I was experiencing significant lower back pain. I decided to stop all forms of exercise and started yoga. I first met Kendra at the Danvers YMCA and told her about my problem. Throughout the yoga class she would look my way and tell me what not to do or how to properly modify my yoga pose. Within weeks I was free of back pain and returned to my workouts of Barre and Zumba while continuing weekly yoga with Kendra. I am a nurse and I am always impressed by Kendra's knowledge of the human anatomy. She is extremely focused on the safety of her students while helping us to get the most out of every class. I have introduced many friends to Kendra's classes and they have also become dedicated students.

Gina V. - Danvers, MA

Yoga Workshops

As a person who has never practiced yoga, I was a bit apprehensive at first to attend even a restorative session. Would I be flexible enough? Would a woman of my size be able to benefit fully from the poses, let alone do them?! I was quickly put at ease by Kendra’s confidence and approach. With every movement there was a way to modify or simplify if I were to feel uncomfortable, props to help me get the most from my body and reassuring hands to correct my alignment should I be off. What a truly wonderful experience. The space was simple and elegant with soothing colors, music, and lighting, finished off with a touch of relaxing fragrance. The poses, while slightly challenging because they were foreign to me, were amazing in their ability to open up the various parts of my body, allowing for increased, healing circulation, the benefits of which I felt for days to come. I had no idea what kind of treat I was in store for when I signed up for a Restorative Yoga Workshop with Me Time Yoga, but am incredibly glad I did! It certainly won’t be my last.

Susan O. - Middleton, MA